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Red Mohican Allium

SKU: 09766

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  • Size

    10+cm Bulb
  • Zone

    4 to 9
  • Bloom Time

    Early Summer
  • Height

  • Soil Requirement

    Well drained
  • Deer Resistant


Bordeaux red heads form tufts at the top with tiny white florets that emit a sweet fragrance. Stems are bent when they first appear, but straighten out before the flower develops. Blooms can last up to three weeks when cut. Resistant to deer, rabbits and squirrels.Alliums are not available in ID and WA.Allium amethystinus

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  • Botanical Name Allium amethystinum 'Red Mohican'
  • Form Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone 4-9
  • Flowering Time Early - Mid Summer
  • Light Requirements Full Sun;Half Sun / Half Shade
  • Flower Color Bordeaux red flower with topped white flowers
  • Flower Form Small clusters of star-like blossoms with sharp crested top
  • Foliage Type Leaves are strap-shaped and die away soon before blooming.
  • Growth Rate Medium
  • Zones 4 to 9
  • Height/Habit 36-40"
  • Spread 12 - 18"
  • Planting Instructions 6" deep and 12 - 18" apart
  • Soil Requirements Well drained
  • Will Tolerate Clay Soil;Loamy Soil;Sandy Soil
  • Pruning Not needed

Make your garden glow with Red Mohican Allium. These unique flowers bloom in late spring and continue to flower through early summer. Each large, cone shaped flower head is made up of masses of burgundy florets, the ends of which blossom into a tiny white flower. Sturdy 36- to 40-inch tall stems support the perennial alliums' magnificent blooms, and an alluring fragrance attracts butterflies.

To ensure that your Red Mohican alliums thrive, plant them in the fall. Bury your allium flower bulbs in groups about 6 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart in well-drained clay, loamy or sandy soil. They require plenty of sun and should be planted in an area that will receive consistent sunlight throughout the day. Allium amethystinus 'Red Mohican' is hardy in zones 4 through 9 and deters numerous pests, such as rabbits and squirrels.

The Dutch alliums' distinct appearance and wonderful fragrance will make them one of the stars of your garden. Consider planting your alliums in back borders where they will not be shaded by other plants, or in open, sun-drenched beds. They are well-suited to cut flower bouquets and will last for up to three weeks in a vase. Consider drying your flowers and keeping them around for months to come. Burn brightly this season with the Red Mohican Allium.

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