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  • Out Of Stock Cinco de Mayo™ Floribunda Rose
    Cinco de Mayo Floribunda Rose
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Floribunda roses are some of the hardest working plants in the garden, providing non-stop colour from late spring through frost. They were developed by crossbreeding hybrid tea roses with polyantha roses. Floribundas offer the spectacular sprays of blooms of the polyantha roses, and the classic flower forms and full colour spectrum of hybrid tea roses. Characteristic flower clusters are often big enough to provide a gorgeous bouquet with just one cut!

Floribunda roses adapt well to any landscape design. They provide a long season of colour, and can bridge the gap that comes between spring flowering bulbs and summer perennials. Bushy plants are usually shorter in stature, so they are perfect for lower borders or privacy screens. Feature them among perennials for a delightful cottage garden effect. Grow them in containers for moveable colour on porches, patios, decks and balconies.

Floribunda roses are a beautiful addition to any garden. Use the intense colours of their massed spring-to-fall blooms and glossy green foliage as a backdrop for more seasonal flowers. Floribunda varieties have a bushy habit and dense foliage, making them an ideal choice for a small privacy barrier. Take advantage of their compact growth habit and create a hedge full of explosive red or charming yellow in a formal garden or along fences and foundations. Their gorgeous flowers and lovely fragrances will earn them a home in any flower bed or bouquet. Be sure to find a place in your garden for the delightful scents and gorgeous colours of floribunda roses.

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