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1. Irises, with their fan-like foliage and spectacular flowers are easy – and rewarding – to grow. Irises are versatile, carefree plants that bloom dependably and multiply annually without much help.

The colourful bloom of Dutch Iris is a welcome sight after a drab winter. Whether it heralds spring or celebrates the sunniness of summer, this hardy iris flowers readily and puts on a radiant show. Dutch irises are hybrids, the result of crossing iris species native to North Africa and Spain. While this hybrid iris commonly produces yellow and white flowers, our breeders have created irises in new and exotic shades such as blue, purple and red. The long, straight and strong stems of the Dutch iris make it a favourite of florists and home gardeners--especially those who cherish fresh-cut bouquets.

When planted in large quantities, a garden of Dutch iris flowers is breathtakingly beautiful. Our red varieties look like a glorious sunset with rushes of crimson, burnished red and yellow. Our blue Dutch irises are a striking blend of come a variety of shades of lilac-blue with golden yellow lips. So, whether you need a hedge of irises to create a bouquet-like effect or a bed bursting with colours from mixed iris varieties, we have all the Dutch iris bulbs you need to make spring and summer pop.

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