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Royal Wedding Oriental Poppy
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Royal Wedding Oriental Poppy

SKU: 84664

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$9.99 $15.99

  • Light

    Full Sun
  • Size

    #1 Plant
  • Zone

    3 to 7
  • Bloom Time

    Early Summer
  • Height

  • Soil Requirement

    Well drained
  • Deer Resistant


Large, silky, shimmering white petals surround black centres making a bold statement.

Despite their delicate appearance, Oriental poppies are extremely hardy—to a temperature of -30°F. They do well in almost any soil and tolerate dry spells. While they love the sun, they are not averse to light shade, so they are a great addition to borders and beds in many areas of the garden. Poppies are bothered by almost no pests and are quite deer resistant. Best of all, poppies are extremely long-lived. Plant them this year and you will enjoy their blooms for many seasons to come! Papaver orientale

Shipping Details:

We ship this item in Fall.
We'll carefully pack and ship your order at the proper planting time for your hardiness zone.

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  • Botanical Name Papaver orientale 'Royal Wedding'
  • Form Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone 3 to 7
  • Flowering Time Late spring to early summer
  • Light Requirements Full Sun
  • Flower Color Shimmering white
  • Flower Form Crepelike petals open to 4-6" across, ruffled.
  • Foliage Type Light green hairy fern like toothed leaves.
  • Growth Rate Medium
  • Height/Habit 30-34"
  • Spread 18 - 24 inches
  • Planting Instructions Top of plant should be even with soil level and 18 - 24" apart
  • Soil Requirements Well drained
  • Will Tolerate Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
  • Pruning After blooming, cut the withered flower at the top of the stem to prevent seed production and then allow the leaves to wither and turn brown before removing them. The green leaves provide nourishment for the plants.

Drama, elegance, and exotic beauty combine in these stunning Royal Wedding Oriental poppies, allowing you to make a bold statement in your garden. Papaver orientales are versatile and exceedingly hardy, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, offering beauty and elegance even in extreme temperatures. These poppies boast large, silky blooms with shimmering white, black-centred petals.

Pest and deer resistant, Royal Wedding Oriental poppies perform well in almost any growing space in hardiness zones 3 to 7. Drought-tolerant, these poppies thrive in full sun or half shade, making them easy to grow, even in difficult conditions. Royal Wedding Oriental poppies are perennials and do best when planted in the spring, producing blooms early to mid-summer. When planting out, make sure the top of the plant is level with the soil, and space them 18 to 24 inches apart.

With their contrasting colour combination and bold, cup-shaped blooms nestling amid light green, hairy foliage, these Dutch-sourced poppies make a stunning addition to beds and borders, particularly when planted in medium to large groupings. To add more texture and depth to your growing space, plant these poppies with taller options such as miniature hollyhocks or giant columbines. Bring grace and beauty to your growing space with these striking Oriental poppies.

Shipping Details:

We ship this item in Fall.
We'll carefully pack and ship your order at the proper planting time for your hardiness zone.

Item 84664 cannot ship to: AE AK GU HI PR

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