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Marble Peperomia

Peperomia 'Marble' in nursery pot
  • 76638
  • 1 per package
  • $17.99

We ship this item in Fall.

Peperomia 'Marble' in Ceramic Dimple Pot
  • 76639
  • 1 per package
  • $24.99

We ship this item in Fall.

Peperomia 'Marble' in Vintage Can Planter
  • 76640
  • 1 per package
  • $24.99

We ship this item in Fall.

Peperomia 'Marble' in Square Metal Planter
  • 76641
  • 1 per package
  • $24.99

We ship this item in Fall.

Goes Great With


Helps clean the air and safe around pets
Marble is another decorative member of the peperomia family whose lush habit not only looks great on a table or desk but also helps clean the air around it. This easy-to-grow plant's thick, spoon-shaped leaves are splotched green and white, although the foliage tends to be less interesting if grown in less than medium light. Tends to resist drying out because its stems and leaves store reserves of moisture. No need for pruning due to its slow growth rate, which can be accelerated somewhat by adding fertilizer formulated for indoor plants. Nontoxic, so it's safe around your furry friends. Peperomia magnoliifolia 'Marble'

Light: Bright, Indirect
Size: 4" Potted
Height: 6-12"


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