Most Popular Reblooming Daylily Collection

Most Popular Reblooming Daylily Collection

Colourful and Carefree Daylilies that put on a remarkable display

Daylilies Are a Gardener's Dream Disease resistant, drought tolerant and winter hardy in zones 3-9, daylilies are among the easiest perennials you can grow! They can even thrive in poor soil and polluted environments. Butterflies and hummingbirds love these colourful, open-faced flowers, but rabbits will avoid them. Their bounty of trumpet-shaped blooms open in succession-each one like a stunning work of art that lasts a single day. Plant daylilies in full sun to part shade and Mother Nature will do the rest.

Why choose this collection?

  • Some have ruffled blooms, some have a reblooming period and some have both
  • Gorgeous colour combinations
  • Strong, branched scapes with extra-large buds
  • Premium #1 field-grown plants
  • Breck's Lifetime Guarantee

  • This Collection includes one each of the following varieties:

  • Garden Show: Each of its many diamond-dusted, lavender-mauve, 6" blooms has a dark lemon throat and purple stamens. The triangular flower form is revealed after the ruffled, recurved petals open wide and flat. Highly fragrant blooms open in midsummer and again in late summer to early fall. Grows 28" tall.

  • Red Razzmatazz: Get ready for swathes of stunning red in summer and autumn! Fire engine-red blooms are accented by bright yellow throats and encircled by dainty, pie-crust ruffles. Vigorous, heavily budded plants yield sunfast, 5½" flowers in mid to late summer and again in late summer to early fall. Grows 32" tall.

  • Inwood: Vibrant and simple to grow almost anywhere! Form and colouring are modern in style with broad petals reflexing back to showcase soft, peachy cream petals with a plum-purple eye and picotee edges. Uniform, 6½" flowers open in midsummer and return in late summer to early fall. Grows 25" tall.

  • Sunday Gloves: Want a gorgeous, fragrant and reliable rebloomer? Sunday Gloves has striking, near-white blooms with pale yellow eye zones, as well as clean, robust foliage and a vigorous habit. Its large, 5½" trumpets open in midsummer and return again in late summer to early fall. Grows 27" tall.

  • Strawberry Candy: Create a dramatic focal point with these colourful daylilies. The strawberry-pink blooms have rose-red eye zones and golden-green throats, and outer petals that form an elegant exact circle. These 4" flowers emerge in early to midsummer, then return in late summer to early fall. Grows 24-26" tall.

  • Big Time Happy: An incredibly colourful daylily, its trumpet-shaped, canary-yellow blooms are 4" wide with slightly ruffled petals that open flat to display the rich, vibrant colour. Flowers emit a strong, sweet fragrance. Blooms open in early summer and emerge again in late summer to early fall. Grows 18" tall.

  • Desert Flame: Looking for big, boldly coloured, trumpet-shaped blooms? Desert Flame's 5½" flowers brighten entire gardens with their orange-red tones. Plant them in large groups for a spectacular display. Flowers emerge in midsummer and return in late summer to early fall. Grows 36" tall.
    • Light

      Full Sun, Partial Shade
    • Size

      #1 Plant
    • Zone

    • Bloom Time

      Early, mid and late season, reblooming. (Summer with reblooming in late summer to fall).
    • Height

      18 - 36 inches
    • Soil Requirement

      Well drained
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    • Botanical NameCollection of various daylilies
    • FormRoot
    • Hardiness Zone3-9
    • Flowering TimeEarly, mid and late season, reblooming. (Summer with reblooming in late summer to fall).
    • Light RequirementsFull Sun, Partial Shade
    • Flower ColorCollection of various colors; see individual varieties
    • Flower FormTrumpet shaped flower
    • Foliage TypeDormant, (semi)-evergreen, grass-like, long, linear foliage
    • Growth RateMedium
    • Height/Habit18 - 36 inches
    • Spread18 - 24 inches
    • Planting InstructionsTop of plant should be even with soil level and 18-24" apart
    • Soil RequirementsWell drained
    • Will TolerateAcidic Soil, Clay Soil, Dry Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
    • PruningCut back spent flower stems after flowering.

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