WOW!® Towering Perennial Tulip Collection

WOW!® Towering Perennial Tulip Collection

  • Light

    Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Size

    14+ cm
  • Zone

  • Bloom Time

    Late spring
  • Height

    35 - 40 inches
  • Soil Requirement

    Well drained.

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WOW!® Towering Perennial Tulip Collection Description

In a blend of colours that rivals the best tropical sunrise, these staggeringly tall late-season tulips will be the cherry on top of your best spring show yet!

Why Gardeners are "Sports" Fans
Our Towering Perennial Tulip Collection includes the groundbreaking Temple of Beauty, plus four of its best sports. Temple of Beauty was introduced back in 1959—the tallest tulip they'd ever seen and soon to become a two-time award winner! It was such an extraordinary variety, the hybridizers, D.W. Lefeber & Co., quickly set to work creating more. During propagation, slight genetic variations, or "sports," would emerge. These were cultivated into Hocus Pocus, Big Brother, Blushing Lady and El Niño. They have some important similarities—they all reach the same soaring 35–40" heights and produce massive blooms at the same time, so they're guaranteed to perform beautifully together. However, each cultivar is unique, so you'll enjoy a jaw-dropping range of colours.

Passing the Baton
These late-blooming tulips create a vibrant tapestry at the end of spring. They're perfect for planting around our WOW! Deluxe and Pride Perennial Tulips. Towering Tulips will bloom last and extend the season. Also, when spring staples like daffodils and hyacinths begin to fade, Towering Perennial Tulips keep the momentum high until your sizzling summer show can take over.

The Holy Grail of Colourful Blooms
Most tulips you'll see around the neighbourhood bear the classic egg-shaped flower. Towering Tulip blooms stir things up with an elongated, chalice shape. They're incredibly large, reaching up to 6", or sometimes even 7" long, which is the perfect canvas for such an amazing range of colours.

The View from the Top
Height is powerful in the garden. At the back of a border, these sky-high tulips will provide the most impressive finishing touch. They are all hardy in zones 3–8, simply find them a sunny to partially shaded spot and watch them go! You'll be rewarded with years of a carefree, fast-growing and completely breathtaking show.

The Statement Maker
These 50 top-quality bulbs all produce massive, sky-high tulips at the same time in late spring. In size alone, there's no mistaking them for average garden tulips, but that's just the start! Look inside to see what makes each cultivar special.

This collection includes 10 each of the following varieties:
  • Hocus Pocus: Eye-catching Hocus Pocus will put you in a trance with brilliant red flames flickering across the yellow petals. It's so easy to spice up a cut-flower bouquet when you have these blooms on hand.
  • Temple of Beauty: The one that started it all, Temple of Beauty, boasts commanding height and huge flowers. Deep salmon-rose petals with darker and lighter flushes add even more drama to the mix. With slight mottling, even the foliage is unique. It's no surprise that Temple of Beauty has received the coveted Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.
  • El Niño: You will not find two El Niño blooms that are quite the same. Amber, orange or sometimes both are overlaid with stripes of rose or specks of red. The colours get more intense as the bloom matures! While the exact pattern is a surprise, the result is reliably impressive.
  • Blushing Lady: This tulip is a staff favourite! The softest shades of rosy-pink and light yellow blend so elegantly into one another, who could help feeling charmed? The incredible bloom size and plant height help Blushing Lady Tulip stand out even more, both in the garden and vase.
  • Long Lady: Tall and elegant, its huge, lilyshaped blooms are reddishpink with broad, warm yellow edges and long, pointed petals. Delights in springtime borders and bouquets.


  • Botanical NameTulipa 'Hocus Pocus', 'Blushing Lady', 'Big Brother', Temple of Beauty', 'El Nino'
  • FormPerennial (bulb)
  • Hardiness Zone3-8
  • Flowering TimeLate spring
  • Light RequirementsFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • Flower ColorSee individual varieties
  • Flower FormHuge, 6 to 7" chalice-shaped blooms.
  • Foliage TypeGray-green, linear foliage.
  • Growth RateModerate
  • Height/Habit35 - 40 inches
  • Spread3 - 6 inches
  • Planting InstructionsPlant 6" deep and 3 - 6" apart.
  • Soil RequirementsWell drained.
  • Will TolerateAcidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
  • PruningIt is important to let the foliage mature and die down naturally, do not cut back. Next year's bloom is being developed.

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