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Dutch Iris

Dutch irises provide the same iconic flower shapes as traditional irises, but with a unique type of foliage that mimics the look of tall, healthy grass and slightly less ornate blooms. Plant these in beds all their own for a rich, full garden or with a variety of other flowers to give a wild look to the garden. Dutch iris bulbs grow into intricate beauties during the summer and come back in droves every year.

These bulbs come from Dutch growers and are selected to be low-maintenance. Planting Dutch iris bulbs is easy. For a healthy garden, use a soil that drains well. Dutch irises grow well in zones 4 to 9, and they reach heights as tall as two feet. Their foliage grows high, not wide, and Dutch Irises usually look best when partnered in groups, bouquets or containers. These flowers come in several varieties, but the most common flowering styles mix blues and purples with lighter yellows and whites. When well maintained, your Dutch iris bulbs should continue to multiply from season to season.

A bunch of fresh-cut flowers make an excellent gift. For this reason, many gardeners choose to bunch their irises in groups. Even after you cut the flowers, their stems play the role of a thin, tall grass in your garden. Create your own arrangements from fully grown plants, and treat the ones you love or your office to a bouquet--you'll be a hit. With tall stems and thin green foliage, these flowers grow into fabulous attractions of their own. Pair them with the right carpet plants and create a complex landscape that grows every year. Plant these rich-hued Dutch irises to brighten your garden with iconic flowers and unique foliage.

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Beauty Dutch Iris Mixture
Beauty Dutch Iris Mixture
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Cool Shades Dutch Iris Mixture
Cool Shades Dutch Iris Mixture
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Discovery Dutch Iris
Discovery Dutch Iris
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Red Ember Dutch Iris
Red Ember Dutch Iris
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