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Dutch Iris

What Are Dutch Iris Bulbs?

Dutch iris bulbs combine the iconic flower forms of traditional irises with unique foliage that mimics the look of tall, healthy grass and slightly less ornate blooms. They're heart winners on their own in the flower beds, and can be combined with other flowers to give a wild look to the garden!

Where Can I Plant Dutch Iris Bulbs?

Dutch iris grow well in zones 4 to 9 and can get up to 2 feet tall when mature. They're stunning when grown in small groups and are excellent for bouquets and containers.

What To Expect After Planting Dutch Iris

Our dutch iris bulbs come from experienced Dutch growers and are specifically selected to be low-maintenance and prolific bloomers. Well maintained Dutch iris bulbs will continue to multiply from season to season, ensuring your garden remains beautiful and colorful year after year!

Lifetime Guarantee

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