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Hollyhocks display large, colourful flowers that grow in a line to the top of the stalk. These traditional beauties inspire awe for their unique flowering style, which looks like a the garden's own ladder toward the sun. Hollyhock flowers bloom away from the large-leafed foliage and create an inspiring display that blooms continuously.

Hollyhock plants grow best in hardiness zones from 3 to 9 and require at least partial sunlight for healthy growth. You may plant these biennial flowers in well drained soil and tend to them by removing faded flowers throughout the seasons. They are self-seeding and will propagate naturally if seed pods aren't removed. Gardeners expect best results when they plant hollyhocks about six inches deep, and we recommend spacing your starts between 18 and 24 inches apart. They can grow to be up to nine feet tall, so they may require staking. Effective spacing maximizes the plant's natural spread and allows for enough sun exposure for effective growth. Miniature hollyhocks provide the same lovely flowers but only grow to about 30 inches tall.

Because they bloom from the early summer into the autumn, hollyhock flowers make excellent additions to several parts of the garden. You may prefer to plant them as border plants, but we also enjoy these beautiful blooms in baskets and in masses all by themselves. Paired with shorter plants and carpet flowers, they make for a stunning cottage or woodland style garden.

Reds, pinks and whites offer a soft backdrop to the garden. Plant hollyhock flowers in a large group at the center of the space or use them for borders around flowering plants that require partial shade. Their large flowers often draw attention from butterflies, and hummingbirds sometimes catch sight of them from afar. Add these classic beauties to your yard for a touch of timeless elegance and Old World charm.

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