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Oriental Poppies

Unleash the vibrant colors and striking blossoms in your garden with Oriental Poppies! These captivating flowers are renowned for their bold hues and dramatic petals, making them perfect for any garden. Each Oriental Poppy reveals a show-stopping bloom that commands attention with its large, papery petals and exquisite texture. Available in a breathtaking range of colors, these poppies bring a burst of energy and visual allure to any outdoor space.

Add Color to Your Garden With Oriental Poppies!

At the height of spring and early summer, Oriental Poppies, also known as Papaver orientale, bring a dazzling celebration of colour to gardens throughout the world. From bold hues of red, orange, tangerine and purple to dainty splashes of pink and white, these beautiful Dutch-sourced sun perennials boast glorious blooms featuring ruffled and fanned petals. Known for their opulent appeal, these flowers are highly regarded for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies while resistant to deer, dry spells and diseases.

Where Do Oriental Poppies Grow Best?

Oriental poppy plants grow optimally in full sun, half sun or half shade. You can expect to see a range of 10 inches to 4 feet in height—use multiple varieties to create a tiered garden effect. Oriental poppies are rugged perennial plants that will flourish in both rock gardens and expansive patches, presenting a wispy effect reminiscent of a paintbrush adding dabs of colour to the canvas of an impressionist painting.

What Flowers Do Oriental Poppies Grow Well With?

When designing your ideal garden, intersperse lupines, peonies, irises and contrasting poppies for festive pairings. White, plum or watermelon oriental poppies provide lovely options for creating majestic borders along garden paths and walkways. Bold orange and scarlet poppies pair well with dahlias and cannas. Invite the beauty inside by cutting fresh bouquets from your harvest to display in a prominent location. Rejoice in the splendour of brilliant oriental poppy plants.

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