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Poppy Anemone

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  • Poppy Anemone Mixture
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  • Poppy Anemone Hollandia
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  • Green Collar Wood Anemone
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  • Poppy Anemone Burgundy™
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  • Anemone Blanda Blue Shades
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  • Blue & White Double Daisy Anemone Mixture
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  • Ring of Fire Poppy Anemone
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  • Whirlwind Japanese Anemone
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Royal purple, fireworks red, snow white - poppy anemones, or "windflowers," are sure to add interesting color to your gardens or bouquets.

Once a garden standard, poppy anemones have lost ground to showier, more complex hybrids. However, we think that once you get acquainted with these easy going beauties, you'll agree they're due for a comeback. Featuring 2.5 inch blooms in vivid red, crisp white, bold blue and a rainbow of other hues, each poppy anemone flower has a dark eye that contrasts the brilliance of its petals. Their proud upright posture, soft petal structure and light green feathery foliage are reminiscent of Oriental poppies!

Native to the Mediterranean, poppy anemones are as rugged as they are beautiful. Resistant to insects, pests and disease, they are drought tolerant as well as shade tolerant and need little maintenance once planted. They stand 10 to 12 inches tall and have a minimal spread. Poppy anemones prefer a slightly shaded area with sandy, well drained soil. Plant your anemone tubers in the fall, before the first frost. Set the tubers about 4 inches deep, and space them 18 inches apart. Water moderately throughout the growing season. There's no need to deadhead these flowers. The tubers will propagate themselves, and should be divided in early fall to increase next year's yield.

Charming and easy to care for, poppy anemones are also versatile in the garden. They tend to spread, which makes them an excellent medium-height ground cover for shaded areas. They also thrive as companion plants to taller flowers and shrubs which provide them a bit of shade. Blooming in early spring, these lovely blossoms pair well with tulips, daffodils and crocus. Add brilliant hues to rock gardens or naturalize them to make fields and hillsides explode with springtime colour. Excellent for woodland settings, poppy anemones also add a traditional touch to cottage and formal gardens. Invite the poppy anemone into your garden and get to know this classic flower.