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Hybrid Tea Roses

A hybrid tea rose is a great addition to your garden landscapes. These tea roses bring the best combination of great rose qualities—hardiness, disease resistance, symmetry, shape, and color. Our collection is shipped directly from Weeks Roses in California. Explore our hybrid tea roses for sale today.

Hybrid Tea Roses For Sale from Breck's

Hybrid tea roses are versatile in the landscape, as there is a variety to enhance any area. Shrubs are usually upright, lushly clothed in dense, green foliage. These sun perennials can range in height from about 3-6' for a low border or a tall hedge. Many gardeners plant their favorite varieties just for cutting, but the plants make lovely accents in the perennial garden. The fragrance is often a delightful bonus!

What is A Hybrid Tea Rose?

Developed in the late 1800s, hybrid tea roses are a cross between hybrid perpetual roses and tea roses. They became wildly popular almost immediately and continue to be held in esteem by gardeners everywhere. Hybrid tea roses are known for their large, well-formed blooms—usually carried singly on medium to long stems—which are perfect for cutting for indoor arrangements.

How Do You Plant A Hybrid Tea Rose?

Dig a hole 12-18" deep and wide enough so all of the roots can be spread out without touching the sides of the hole, mounding a cone of soil in the center of the hole. Spread the hybrid tea rose roots around soil mound with bud union (the knot at the base of the plant) at ground level for mild climates. If you're in a cold climate, place the bud union two or three inches. Fill the hole with soil and water well.

How Do You Care For A Hybrid Tea Rose?

Hybrid Tea Roses require the equivalent of 1" of rainfall each week. They will bloom best if their roots are kept moist but not waterlogged. Water thoroughly, but don't water from above. To keep hybrid tea rose plants blooming all season, deadhead any faded blooms. After the first killing frost of fall, make a mound of loose soil at least 8" high over the base of the plant in zones 5 and below. Then cover the mound and remaining exposed canes with hay, straw, grass clippings, oak leaves or similar material. In the spring, rose plants should be pruned when about half of the growth buds swell.

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