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Create the colourful garden space you've dreamt of with our large selection of Garden Planters. Whether you're starting plants from seed, decorating a porch or designing a fluid, movable landscape, we have a selection of containers to help you achieve your goals.

To get the most use out of your planters and pots, be sure to choose the right sizes and shapes for the plants you'll be growing. Consider how large your plants will be at maturity and choose a container that leaves them plenty of room to grow. We recommend low, broad bowls or tubs for spring bulbs and starts. Tall, bushy plants do well in urns, while spilling plants like begonias and geraniums are excellent for cones or hanging baskets.

Within the confines of a greenhouse or on a brightly-lit windowsill, small pots help to give your plants a head start. Once they've outgrown nursery pots, a planter is a good secondary home for bulbs or seedlings that need a little time to harden before they are transplanted outdoors. Small planters allow you to move your babies outdoors during the day to become accustomed to cool spring weather, then return them indoors to prevent damage from frosty nights. These pots and baskets are more than just a place to house your plants; they also protect the roots for the duration of time each plant lives in them.

Planters also provide an opportunity to add some decorative flair to your home. Line patios, porches and walkways with a selection of colourful planters to create a beautiful, welcoming space. Choose classical Greek, damask or pedestal designs for a formal style. For a cottage or informal garden, wicker, vine and cone planters have a rustic, casual appeal. Combine round and square planters in a variety of heights and colours for a fun, eclectic look. Protect your plants and express your personality with garden planters.

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