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Triumph Tulip Bulbs

Triumph Tulips are the largest grouping of tulip varieties, with their gorgeous classic cup shape and sturdy stems making them one of the best tulips for forcing. They bloom in various colors and grow best in full sun and well-drained soils. Their attractiveness and long, strong stems work together to make them good cut flowers. Not all tulips force well indoors, but triumph tulip bulbs are an exception. Begin the forcing process in late summer or early fall to enjoy them during winter.

When Do Triumph Tulips Bloom?

Triumph Tulips are the result of crossing early and late single tulips, and, as a group, they tend to flower in mid to late spring. Tulip blooms retain the classic cup shape of their single tulip parents. While they are gorgeous flowers in any setting, triumphs tulips put on a spectacular show when planted in drifts, especially when several bright colors are grown together.

Are Triumph Tulips Perennials?

Cross-breeding tulips can oftentimes harm the ability of tulips to perennialize but, for some, it can enhance their ability. Triumph Tulips, as well as Emperor Tulips, are among the few that are perennials. To help repeat your triumph tulip's performance, make sure to plant the bulbs around 8 inches deep into well-drained soil, and to water the bulbs after planting them initially.

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