Phlox Tree™ Collection

Phlox Tree™ Collection

Phlox flowers that grow so tall, we decided to call them trees!

Want an easy and surefire way to make yourgarden the envy of your neighbourhood? Just fill it with the spectacular flowers found in this new collection, and then watch as they grow taller than all your neighbours!

These three lush...
  • Light

    Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Size

    #1 Plant
  • Zone

  • Bloom Time

    Midsummer until early fall.
  • Height

    28 - 84 inches
  • Soil Requirement

    Well drained
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New Breck's Phlox Tree Collection

New Breck's Phlox Tree Collection

Massive phlox plants grow up to 7 ft. tall in year two!

Want an easy and surefire way to make your garden the envy of your neighbourhood? Just fill it with the spectacular flowers found in this new Breck's phlox collection, then watch as they grow taller than your neighbors' phlox--and taller than your neighbors!
These three lush varieties—Goliath, Hercules and White Titan—are the largest phlox available on the market. They not only grow 7' high in their second year, but for three months out of the year, they unceasingly produce a profusion of huge and colourful panicles that are unequalled in size. size—up to 15" long and, at their widest point, 10" in diameter!

This easy-to-grow phlox tree collection is great for use in borders and cut-flower arrangements. Butterflies will flutter by to sip their nectar, adding even more beauty to your landscape.


Hercules NEW
Its giant, pyramidal panicles, which measure up to 15" in length and 10" in diameter at their widest point, are densely packed with stunning bubblegum-pink blooms possessing white eyes. Hercules puts on a spectacular show whether growing in a border or arranged in a vase.

White Titan

White Titan NEW
This appropriately named variety produces magnificent, cross-shaped clusters of snow-white blooms that brighten their surroundings for up to three months. The fragrant flowers, which grow atop tall, sturdy stems, act as a homing beacon for butterflies and hummingbirds.


Goliath NEW
Sweet-smelling, violet florets with white eyes form huge flower heads twice the size of traditional tall phlox. Along with the larger blooms comes a longer blooming period—up to three months in duration. Good reliability and mildew resistance.

The Family Behind the Phlox Tree

Meet the breeders at A. Verschoor Horticulture
Check out our interview with Janus Verschoor, grandson of the nursery's founder.
Watch breathtaking drone footage of the Verschoor greenhouses and Phlox Tree growing fields.

The giant Phlox Trees being offered in this collection were bred by A. Verschoor Horticulture, a family-owned nursery located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The company, founded in 1956, is a perennial breeder and grower world-renowned for its tall phlox breeding. It's about a 25-minute drive from our own Dutch offices.

For many years, Breck's has had an excellent relationship with Verschoor, and we have first pick when it comes to obtaining phlox for our customers. We carefully evaluate the results from their fields each year.


  • Botanical NamePhlox amplifolia
  • FormRoot
  • Phlox Hardiness Zone3-9
  • Flowering TimeMidsummer until early fall.
  • Light RequirementsFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • Flower ColorCollection with snow white flowers, Bubblegum-pink blossoms with white eyes and violet-lavender blooms with white eyes
  • Flower FormVery large terminal clusters, up to 15" in length and 10" in diameter at its widest point. Flower form a kind of cross.
  • Foliage Type2-5" lanceolate foliage
  • Growth RateMedium
  • Height/Habit28 - 84 inches
  • Spread24 - 30 inches
  • Phlox Planting InstructionsTop of plant should be even with soil level and 24-30" apart
  • Soil RequirementsWell drained
  • Will TolerateAcidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
  • PruningRemoving spent head heads will induce new ones.
  • Phlox Spacing24-30 inches apart

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