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Sun Perennials

Sun perennials are low maintenance, tolerant plants that can withstand a water shortage and lots of sunlight. They attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies, making them a vital part of a healthy and thriving garden ecosystem. Explore our wide range of vibrant sun-loving perennials to bring lasting beauty and structure to your garden year after year.

Sun Perennial Flowers from Breck's

Browse our selection of vibrant sun loving perennials in varied shapes, sizes and colors. Sun perennials are low maintenance, tolerant plants that can withstand a water shortage and at least six hours of sunlight. Most varieties are hardy and offer an abundance of delightful blooms for years on end. Our assortment of sun loving perennial flowers comprises of spectacular varieties good for every corner of your garden—from ground covers to climbing vines, borders and beds. We have the most exciting carpet phlox for those dreaded bare spaces, native beauties like coneflowers and yarrow to naturalize and to attract butterflies and birds. Our irises, roses, peonies and daylilies are for absolutely stunning borders, plus plenty of late season and climbing varieties! Our sun perennials are shipped in time to plant according to your zone.

How to Take Care of Perennial Flowers and Sun Loving Perennials

Sun perennial flowers make the perfect addition to any garden or landscape. Planting instructions mostly depend on which variety of sun loving perennials you're growing, but most sun perennials have similar needs.

  • Sun perennials need at least six hours of direct light each day, and some varieties won't bloom if provided with less. Check your individual plant to see if it can withstand your zone's mid-day heat, and assess where the brightest sun hits your landscape.
  • Sunny perennials tend to need well-draining soil—most plants cannot survive having soggy roots. If your soil is heavy or compacted, use amendments such as peat and loam, and aerate the soil.
  • Most sun perennials require at least some regular watering, although some are quite drought-resistant once established. Remember that perennial flowers grown in planters and pots will need to be watered more frequently than ones in the ground.

  • For more information check out our sun perennial blog.

    Do Sun Perennials Come Back Year After Year?

    Yes, sun loving perennial flowers will return year after year. Most sun perennials are cold hardy and bloom for years on end. These sun loving plants are low maintenance and easy to plant. With adequate care, your perennial flowers will come back year after year—these plants are truly an investment in your garden.

    Keep in mind that not every perennial plant is perennial in all zones. Some plants are cold-hardy in warm zones, but will not come back after an extremely frigid winter. Check your cold hardiness zone when buying sun perennials for far-northern gardens to ensure your varieties are cold-hardy.

    When do Sun Perennials Bloom?

    Bloom time is dependent upon species, but sun perennial flowers generally bloom during the spring, summer and fall. Here are some of our favorites for every season:

  • Early spring: phlox, widow's tears
  • Late spring: butterfly weed, iris
  • Early summer: coneflowers, roses
  • Late summer: peonies, daylilies
  • Fall: chrysanthemum, asters
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