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Our web exclusives include unique varieties, as well as some of our most popular bulbs in large-quantity bulk packages. Imagine gold and amethyst crocuses peeking through the snow, or a mass planting of Dutch iris bordering your entryway. Fill a cutting garden with brilliant multi-coloured tulips or sprinkle delicate daffodils throughout your favorite flower bed. Take advantage of these bulk-priced bulbs online and fill your garden with brilliant perennial blossoms that you'll enjoy for years.

When selecting flower bulbs online, be sure to check individual varieties for their light and soil requirements. All of our plants for sale online include planting and care instructions, so you'll know exactly how to place them in your own garden. Mix early- and late-blooming varieties to create long-lasting displays. Early crocuses and daffodils start the growing season with a bang, followed by mid and late spring tulips. Continue blooming into fall with iris, lilies and alliums.

Plant large masses of flowers to create a dazzling display. Take advantage of our web specials and paint your garden in broad strokes of colour with eye-pleasing tulips, bold irises and other Dutch-grown bulbs from our catalog. Select several varieties of bulbs online and mix them with other plants to bring early colour to late-blooming perennial beds. Fill your landscape with a riot of colour with our web specials.

Lifetime Guarantee

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