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What to Expect in your Shipment

What To Expect In Your Perennial Shipment

The first time you receive a bareroot plant shipment, you may be concerned to see what looks like a bundle of roots and very little, if any, green growth. Please don't worry. Breck's bareroot perennials are dormant or semi-dormant when shipped, but will thrive when it's time—we guarantee it. In fact, they are likely to become established more quickly than perennials transplanted from containers, because the dormant roots are sturdier and unable to be pot-bound.

Some of our most popular perennials will be shipped as shown here:
Daylily Daylily
Hosta Hosta
Phlox Phlox
Coneflower Coneflower
Hellebore Hellebore
Bee Balm Bee Balm
Iris Iris 
Heuchera Heuchera
Astilbe Astilbe
Peony Peony
Dicentra Dicentra
Poppy Poppy
Examples of summer bulb shipments:
Begonia Begonia
Dahlia Dahlia
Lily Lily
Gladiolus Gladiolus
Calla Lily Calla Lily

Keep perennial plants watered during their first season, but avoid daily sprinklings. A weekly soaking will encourage a healthier root system. Apply a layer of compost each spring to provide nutrients and maintain soil health. Beyond that, most perennials need little supplemental fertilizer.


Many perennials, including peonies, poppies, iris, hellebores, bee balm and lilies-of-the-valley , are known to be slow starters. In fact, the first few years you may only get a few leaves or blooms. But don't let that discourage you—these plants will reward you handsomely once they become established.

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