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Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily
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Stargazer Oriental Lily
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Stargazer Lily Information

Nothing in the garden looks lovelier or smells sweeter. The lily that everybody knows by name! Bred in the USA. A staple of professional cut arrangements, Stargazer Lily produces colourful, fragrant blooms in abundance. Rich magenta petals are lined in white and display dark speckles. Stargazer is exotic-looking, huge 6-7" flowers face upward, making them easy to enjoy! Stargazer Lily is favored by florists for their looks, longevity and impressive bouquets. Lilium oriental.

How do I grow a stargazer lily?

True lilies (not daylilies and others that are not in the genus Lilium) are easy to grow and are becoming more popular each season. Since these flowers sit upright and take up practically no space at ground level, it is easy to plant lilies between your established perennials and shrubs. Most lilies can tolerate some shade so you can bring the spectacular beauty of lily flowers to any part of your summer meadow or garden.

Do stargazer lilies rebloom?

Stargazer lilies bloom in mid to late summer and early fall. Healthy stargazer blooms may last up to 3 or 4 weeks, but specific flowering times depend on soil, planting location and temperature.

Can stargazer lilies be grown in pots?

Yes, stargazer lilies can be grown in pots. To grow healthy and beautiful lily stargazer bulbs, select a container at least 6.5″ inches in diameter. Always choose a pot that provides good drainage and avoid material that is too porous or unglazed pots. Fill the container with a suitable well-drained soil mixture and watch your blooms grow.


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Lily - Unboxing/Planting Delayed
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