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  • Angelique Hanging Begonia
    1 for Price$2.00 Old Price 1 for $18.99
  • Double Begonia Mixture Super Sak®
    8 for Price$8.00 Old Price 8 for $59.99
  • White-Red Crispa Marginata Begonia
    3 for Price$17.99 Old Price 3 for $26.99
  • Everblooming Begonia Mixture
    5 for Price$7.00 Old Price 5 for $42.99
  • Apricot Nonstop® Begonia
    3 for Price$5.00 Old Price 3 for $28.99
  • Cascading Splendor Begonia
    3 for Price$6.00 Old Price 3 for $28.99
  • Blush Prima Donna™ Dinnerplate Begonia
    2 for Price$9.00 Old Price 2 for $21.99
  • Picotee Begonia Mixture
    5 for Price$29.99 Old Price 5 for $59.99
  • Superba Low-Growing Double Begonia Collection
    12 for Price$10.00 Old Price 12 for $75.96
  • Bertinii Everblooming Begonia
    1 for Price$7.00 Old Price 1 for $23.99
  • Yellow-Red Crispa Marginata Begonia
    3 for Price$6.00 Old Price 3 for $26.99
  • Golden Balcony Hanging Basket Begonia
    3 for Price$17.49 Old Price 3 for $26.99
  • Wow!® Hanging Begonia
    1 for Price$11.99 Old Price 1 for $18.99
  • Switzerland Begonia
    3 for Price$15.69 Old Price 3 for $24.99
  • Hanging Basket Begonia Collection
    10 for Price$39.99 Old Price 10 for $99.90
  • Fragrant Hanging Basket Begonia Mixture
    3 for Price$19.99 Old Price 3 for $28.99
  • Splendid Begonia Mixture
    $9.00 to $39.99 $28.99 to $79.96
  • Prima Donna Begonia Collection
    8 for Price$29.99 Old Price 8 for $51.96
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  • Rosebud Begonia
    1 for Price$7.99 Old Price 1 for $19.99
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  • White-Red Picotee Begonia
    2 for Price$26.99 Old Price 2 for $33.98
    Notify when Available
  • Yellow-Red Picotee Begonia
    2 for Price$33.98
    Notify when Available
  • Sunny Dream Fragrant Hanging Begonia
    1 for Price$5.00 Old Price 1 for $18.99
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  • Orange Cascade Begonia
    2 for Price$35.98
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Begonias are much a sign of summer as cookouts and the ice cream truck! Add our flashy red, yellow, pink or orange begonias to your garden. Or, plant in containers for a pretty patio.

We adore begonia bulbs for summer gardens. They leaf and flower in a range of colours, and their tolerance for shade makes them an excellent choice for a variety of placements. Their flowers bloom into whites and warm colours, adding a sense of tropical beauty to a range of growth zones. Add begonia bulbs to the garden for beds of colour amid rich green leaves. In gardens that provide some shade, these beautiful plants thrive in areas with minimal direct sunlight. Whether you place them in baskets or arrange them in beds, begonia bulbs emerge with fresh colours during the warmest months of the year.

Hardy begonias grow well in zones 3 to 10. If you live in zones 3 to 7, be sure to lift them in the autumn seasons to keep them flowering year after year. With this in mind, you may grow planting begonia bulbs in any well-drained soil; just allow about a foot between each plant and plant them about 4 inches deep. Begonia bulbs thrive in shaded areas, and their rich colours make them an excellent choice for those dark pockets of the yard that get half sunlight during the day.

Begonia bulbs come into bloom during the summer months and offer a variety of options for the garden. You may plant them in containers or in beds of their own--many gardeners prefer to separate them into unique bundles of a single varietal. Begonia flowers often stand between six and 12 inches tall but some varieties reach close to two feet, and they provide a base layer of foliage when planted in groups.

Begonias are available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes - you'll enjoy our picotee and double blooming varieties, as well as our cascading begonias for hanging baskets!