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Breck's Gardening Guide

Breck's Gardening Guide

Brecks has the selection and resources to solve all your garden needs.
Our garden guide provides you with inspirations for plants for various garden locations,
suggestions for common garden problem areas, and lots more resources to help you succeed with the garden of your dreams!

Location Inspiration

Breck's has a huge selection of top quality bulbs and perennials to create beautiful gardens for many areas in your landscape. Browse these solutions for the perfect plants for any garden location.

Plant Finder Plant Finder

Shop plants by zone, size, color, sun requirements and more!

Find The Perfect Plant »
Plant and care of Bulbs Plant and care of Bulbs

Bulbs are easy! We have lots of
resources to help you succeed!

Gardening How-To Library

Garden Solutions

Select the right plants for garden conditions. Breck's has a huge variety and we can show you which plants will meet your garden needs.

Tips for Planting Perennials
Tips for Planting Bulbs

Plant by bloom time

Plan for continual color in your garden by choosing plants by bloom time.

Spring Planting Flowers Fall Planting Flowers

Gardeners' Favorites

These tried and true varieties are always gardeners' favorites. Breck's offer a wide selection of top quality bulbs and perennials and the resources to ensure your success.

Lifetime Guarantee

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