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Rose Bushes & Plants

Shopping for rose bushes? Discover an exquisite array of rose plants at Breck's, your premier destination for top-quality rose plants for sale. From grandiflora and floribunda to hybrid tea, shrub, and climbing roses, our curated selection ensures there's a perfect rose bush for every garden. Experience the allure of these timeless beauties as they grace your garden with vibrant blooms and resilient growth. Explore our expertly nurtured rose plant varieties and embark on a rewarding journey of cultivating these romantic symbols of nature.

Roses For Sale at Breck's

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Breck's top-quality rose bushes for sale, encompassing sought-after varieties like grandiflora, floribunda, and hybrid tea roses. These exquisite cane roses, renowned for their long stems and captivating blooms, are the epitome of elegance and grace. With Breck's, you'll discover a curated selection of the finest rose plants, each meticulously nurtured to ensure vibrant blooms and robust growth. Whether you're drawn to the grandeur of grandifloras, the abundant blossoms of floribundas, or the classic allure of hybrid teas, our collection offers the perfect addition to any garden landscape.

Featured Rose Bush Varieties

Hybrid teas are the oldest of the modern rose varieties, and some of these beautiful species have been around since the late 1800s. Hybrid tea roses have an upright, straight-laced growth habit, and can grow from three to seven feet tall, with a width of three or four feet. Hybrid teas feature single blooms on long stems, and are known for their classic, "rosey" scent.

Floribunda roses tend to grow out as well as up, and grow a few feet tall and three to five feet wide. These beauties are easier to grow, but still bloom in an amazing array of colours and patterns. While hybrid teas can be picky about their sun exposure, Floribundas tend not to mind full sun. Floribundas don't always feature the same sweet scent as hybrid teas, but they make up for it with ever-blooming flowers: and they grow multiple flowers per stem!

Grandiflora roses are a cross between Floribunda and hybrid tea roses. These are the hardiest of the hardy roses—they thrive nearly anywhere. Grandifloras have large blooms clustered on long stems, making them perfect for picturesque bouquets. Most Grandiflora roses feature double-blooming flowers, and, much like their Floribunda roses, they bloom all season long.

Shrub roses are just what they sound like: rose bushes! Shrub roses have a dense growing habit and glossy leaves as well as gorgeous flowers. Shrub roses can be used for privacy hedging, as a highlight among smaller flowers in the garden, or as a way to line a walkway or sidewalk. Shrub roses are known for their bright, round rosehips, which add interest to winter gardens and can also be used in bouquets.

Climbing roses are amazing space fillers—especially the modern, jumbo varieties available from Breck's. Climbing roses grow over arches, trellises or arbors to create a real-life backdrop of flowers. Climbers tend to thrive in partial shade, but many varieties can handle a good amount of sun.

Rose Bush Planting Overview

Hardy in zones 4-10 (depending on the variety), roses require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. Roses don't do well with "wet feet", so make sure to choose a location where water drains well. Rose roots should be planted in a hole 12 to 18 inches deep and wide enough so the roots can be spread out without touching the sides of the hole. Rose plants bloom their best if the roots are kept moist but not waterlogged, so water thoroughly and weekly during the growing season.

For more information on growing roses, read our rose care guide or download our rose planting guide.

Why Should You Buy Rose Plants or Bushes From Breck's?

A new rose plant will provide stunning color, fragrance and texture in just about any garden setting. No matter which variety of rose you choose, you'll be glad to choose roses from Breck's! Our premium rose bushes, climbing roses, Floribundas, Grandifloras and classic hybrid teas are the brightest—and newest—varieties.

Breck's has a wider variety of bare root roses for sale than most online outlets, and we ship directly from the greenhouse to your door. Our careful packaging, along with the varieties we've carefully-selected for success in North American gardens, ensure you the best chance at successful growing.

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