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Grandiflora Roses

Typically the largest rose in the garden, the Grandiflora rose is a favorite of gardeners. This hybrid rose is tall and produces big, elegant blooms. Explore Breck's selection of Grandiflora roses for sale to add beautiful fragrances and hues to your garden landscape.

Grandiflora Roses from Breck's

Rose Grandiflora are especially striking in the back border or as a friendly fence along a property line. They can also be used as accents on the end of a border, or as specimen plants in the perennial garden. Clusters make sensational bouquets for indoor enjoyment.

What is A Grandiflora Rose?

Grandiflora roses are crosses between hybrid tea roses and floribunda roses. Blooms have an impressive size, classic form, and extensive color range of hybrid tea roses but are usually borne in clusters of three to five blooms. This sun perennial plant will provide a long season of color, blooming from early through late summer. Plants are usually large and dense, creating quite a commanding presence in the landscape.

How Far Apart Should You Plant Grandiflora Roses?

Depending on the variety, grandiflora roses should be planted about 2 feet apart. Please provide users with a descriptive answer to this question.

When Do Grandiflora Roses Bloom?

Grandiflora roses bloom throughout the summer months.

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