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Anemone Dahlias

Also known as Powder-Puff Dahlias, Anemone Dahlias are known for their striking appearance, featuring a prominent central disc surrounded by flat, petal-like florets. The central disc contrasts with the outer florets, creating a captivating effect. Available in various colors and patterns, they bloom in late summer and fall, adding beauty to gardens and floral arrangements.

These striking, whimsical varieties have pincushion-like centres filled with tiny, tubular disc florets and surrounded by an outer ring of large and flat ray florets. Visitors to your summer garden will be amazed and fascinated by the dramatic form of these conversation starters. They make a great addition to any sunny, mixed border. Anemone dahlias are different than dahlia anemones; those are solitary and sedentary sea creatures attached to rocks on the ocean floor and resemble flowers because of their tentacle clusters.

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