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Our phlox plants for sale are among our favorites when shopping for native North American plants. These beautiful, bright perennials grow in both creeping and tall varieties, and reliably return year after year. Phlox are excellent garden plants for beginners, thanks to their easy-to-care-for growing habit and their variety of uses in and around the garden. Planting phlox flowers is easy, and caring for these sun perennials is even easier. Shop our selection of phlox, and start gardening today!

About Phlox Flowers

Phlox are a genus of 67 species of perennial and annual plants from the Polemoniaceae family. A North American native wildflower, tall phlox naturalizes easily and make a delightful addition to woodland and cottage gardens. Plant garden phlox near water features, in fields and along borders for masses of colour. Deliciously scented, phlox flowers are as sweet on the nose as they are on the eyes. They are renowned for their exceptionally fragrant flowers, which make garden phlox a favourite for cut flower bouquets. Their long-lasting blooms perform wonderfully outdoors and will attract butterflies and bees all summer long. Consider planting tall phlox plants in back borders among other tall summer flowers such as lilies, gladiolus and dahlias.

How Do I Care for Phlox Plants?

To create the highest and mightiest tall phlox plants, you'll need to plant them in the spring. These plants like plenty of water, so choose a relatively open area where they will be exposed to summer rains. Tall garden phlox thrive in full sunlight or in partially shady areas. These stunning Dutch-sourced perennial phlox are hardy in zones 3 through 9 and thrive in well-drained clay, loamy or sandy soil. When burying your tall phlox plants, certain strains need to be arranged so the top of the plant is even with the level of the soil, while others can be buried about 1 to 2 inches deep.

Do Phlox Plants Come Back Every Year?

Garden Phlox perennials are easy-to-grow and come back reliably every season. Our selection of tall phlox plants will flower throughout the season and most varieties bloom from the beginning of summer all the way into early fall.

When to Plant Phlox Flowers

Phlox plants are sold as potted or bareroot plants, and should be planted in spring after or around the last frost date. They will flower in the first year in your landscape, and will grow bigger and more full with each passing year. Planting phlox in springtime allows them to root and grow for a season, gathering energy before the harsh winter. Breck's will ship your phlox at the right time for planting!

How to Plant Phlox

Phlox is easy to grow and care for-truly a beginner's dream. Follow these instructions to get your phlox off to a great start.

  • Phlox will be shipped at the right time to be planted, and that time is spring. Whether purchasing phlox online or locally, it should go into the ground in early spring, not long after the last frost date for your area. These plants can handle a little cold, but it's best to wait until there's no danger of frosty nights before setting them.

  • Before planting, choose the best possible location for your plants and prepare your soil. Consider the height of tall phlox, and the width of creeping phlox, when choosing your planting location.Tall garden phlox perennials can grow upwards of six feet in height, so be sure to choose a site that allows for appropriate space in both width and height. Your phlox plants need plenty of sunlight, so choose a location that receives six or more hours of sun each day. Phlox are true full-sun plants!

  • Many phlox varieties are susceptible to mildew or rot, and, like other perennials, they don't like constantly wet roots, so soil preparation is key. Plant your plox in a sunny, airy location where water does not tend to pool. Aerate your soil, and add in topsoil or compost to increase drainage. Use a hoe or till to accomplish this task.

  • Once your soil is prepped and ready, you can plant your phlox. Dig a hole about the same depth as your phlox are potted, and unpot each plant. Phlox may become potbound, so gently break up the roots before setting them in the ground. Be sure to water your phlox in well, and keep them watered by drenching the soil weekly for their first season.

  • Soil Needs for Phlox Perennials

    Phlox, especially tall phlox, is derived from woodland plants native to North America. As native cultivars, phlox is extremely tolerant of most North American soils! However, these plants don't like to sit in wet matter. Mix in topsoil or loam as you're preparing your phlox's planting site.

    Common Pests and Diseases for Phlox Plants

    Phlox plants can be susceptible to diseases related to wet soil, such as leaf spot and mildew, especially if grown in partial shade. The best way to prevent pest problems? Leave space between the plants, allowing good air circulation. Keep an eye out for caterpillars, leaf miners, and slugs, or holes in your plants that indicate their presence. Use neem oil or insecticidal soap to treat insect infestations, and use slug bait as needed. Diseased plants should be regularly removed to prevent the spread of pests or disease.

    Types of Phlox Flowers

    There are so many types of phlox to choose from-creeping varieties, tall species, and incredible mixtures of color, texture, and form. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Our Goliath Phlox Tree features height, height, and more height! This plant is a beautiful specimen of a super-tall phlox, growing up to seven feet tall, with huge violent flowers.

  • Pink Wave Phlox is a two-toned beauty, with clear pink flowers featuring red eyes at the center of each floret. This is an excellent phlox for those who love details, or who just love pink tones.

  • Pink Wave Phlox is an incredibly highly-textured phlox, with details that just keep coming. The individual flowers unfurl like a rosebud, making each pink and cream flower appear almost double.

  • Carpet phlox, such as Pink Drummond, offers a beautiful way to fill in the garden with color and foliage from spring to summer. Allow your carpet phlox to spill over a retaining wall or pot for a stunning effect.
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