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Spanish Bells

What Are Spanish Bells?

Spanish bells are Hyacinthoides, a bulbous perennial native to the country of Spain. They are commonly referred to as wood hyacinth and provide a colorful expanse of pale blue or pink that you can plant just about anywhere. Pink, white, and bluebell flowers have hanging buds that open to trumpet during their late spring arrival to your flower beds and are a wonderful addition to your garden.

How To Plant Pink, White, and Bluebell Flowers

Spanish Bells grow well in all light levels, even shady areas. This lets you add color where you might not have had success before, like under a tree or on that shady side of the house. They will grow and thrive in all but the hottest areas, so if you live in zones 3-8, these are a great option for you. With a height of 8-10 inches, they work well as stand-alone groupings or as part of a larger, mixed-bulb set. These perennials will even multiply year after year to give your beds a lush, full look. Spanish Bells also require very little maintenance after the season.

How to Maintain Spanish Bells

Spanish bells are best planted in direct sunlight during cooler seasons, and partly in shaded areas during the hotter seasons to prevent them from burning. Sandy soil is also recommended as pinkbell, whitebell, and bluebell flowers prefer well-drained soil. You can also properly maintain your garden of Spanish bells by ensuring the flowers receive fertilizers like manure, peat moss, or compost at the time of planting as this will ensure proper drainage.

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