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Spanish Bells

Hyacinthoides, Spanish pinkbells and bluebells, feature spikes of tiny hanging bell-flowers sure to add a romantic, fairy-tale quality to your garden. Lovely Spanish bells provide you with a colourful expanse of pale blue or pink that you can plant just about anywhere. Their hanging buds open to trumpet their late spring arrival to your flower beds and are a wonderful addition to your garden.

Spanish Bells grow well in all light levels, even shady areas. This lets you add colour where you might not have had success before, like under a tree or on that shady side of the house. They will grow and thrive in all but the hottest areas, so if you live in zones 3-8, these are a good option for you. With a height of 8-10 inches they work well as stand-alone groupings or as part of a larger, mixed-bulb set. These perennials will even multiply year after year to give your beds a lush, full look. Spanish Bells also require very little maintenance after the season.

Spanish Bells bloom once in late spring, so mixing them with some early blooming bulbs can ensure you have a colourful garden all through the spring season. Consider planting only Spanish bluebells or Spanish pinkbells, for a monochromatic look, or plant a mixture of the two for a pastel blanket of colour that is sure to elevate your spring garden.

Lifetime Guarantee