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Jumbo Roses

Jumbo bare root roses are a popular choice for gardeners looking to plant typically between late fall and early spring. Bare root roses are sold without soil around their roots, making them lightweight and easy to transport. Planting bare root roses allows for a wider selection of varieties and often results in quicker acclimation and vigorous growth, as the plants establish themselves directly in their new environment.

What are Jumbo Bare Root Roses?

Jumbo bare root roses are larger versions of standard bare root roses, offering more mature stems and extensive root systems. Ideal for gardeners who hate to wait, our jumbo roses for sale have a considerable head start over the standard #1 size. With jumbo bare root roses, you can expect quicker establishment and a robust, vibrant display in the first year.

Benefits of Growing Jumbo Bare Root Roses

  • Field grown to be 2-3 times larger than the standard size
  • You'll receive a hefty bareroot with 6-9 "flower ready" canes
  • 50% more blooms in the first year, guaranteed
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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