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Wild Tulip & Species Tulip Bulbs

Our wild tulip and species tulip varieties are excellent naturalizers that will spread and multiply from year to year! These compact tulips that are excellent for naturalizing come in a wide range of colors that are sure to fit in your garden. Shop Breck's tulip varieties today!

What are Wild and Species Tulips?

Wild and species tulips are the original, naturally occurring varieties of tulips found in their native habitats. Unlike cultivated tulips, which have been bred for specific colors and characteristics, wild and species tulips maintain their natural forms and colors. They often exhibit diverse shapes, sizes, and colors, reflecting the beauty of tulips as they exist in the wild.

How Do I Care for Wild and Species Tulips?

Caring for wild and species tulips is relatively simple. These tulip varieties are hardy and well-adapted to their natural environments. Plant them in well-draining soil and choose a sunny location. Water them moderately, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. After they bloom, let the foliage die down naturally to nourish the bulb for the next season. Since they're closer to their wild state, they require less maintenance than cultivated tulips.

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