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Nothing says "welcome to fall" like asters. While mums steal the scene in autumn, asters are a classic standby with inviting bright colors and the wonderful ability to attract late-season pollinators. Covered in fringey flowers, asters are a joy to see and a joy to plant.

Aster Perennials From Breck's

Treat your senses to a feast of colours with Asters in full bloom. 'Aster' is the Greek word for 'star', and these daisy-like perennials will be the stars of your autumn garden. Large, abundant sweet-smelling flowers explode with bright and bold hues that breathe life into the fall season. We offer a wide selection of asters, from 6- to 8-inch toy varieties to tall 36- to 48-inch giants in a range of spectacular colours. Vibrant reds, showy purples, pretty pinks and beautiful blues are all highlighted by sunny yellow centres. The bounty of colourful blooms on each aster perennials will make your garden feel as lively in fall as it did in mid spring, inviting butterflies to your yard for a final feast.

How to Care For Asters

Asters are hardy in zones 3 through 8 and are very low-maintenance. Perennial asters will return every summer and can be divided every few years to increase their yield. Asters have such a wide range of heights that there's a variety for every need. Most aster varieties have a mounded, bushy growth habit, but some smaller types grow outward, making an excellent flowering ground cover. Toy asters are a delightful addition to rock gardens and window boxes. Others, of medium height, make beautiful container plantings to liven up your porch or patio. Medium height asters also make gorgeous borders along walkways and drives. Tall asters make an eye-catching focal point by themselves, or combine them with dahlias, blanket flowers and fall-blooming anemones for a flurry of fall flowers. Look forward to autumn's beauty with asters.

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