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An astilbe in the garden can make the hottest days of summer seem cooler. This water-loving perennial produces glossy toothed, fern-like leaves crowned by falls of showy, feathery flowers. These masses of flowers appear as gently arching or upright plumes and are available in a variety of shades of red, pink, lavender, and white. Our selection of beautiful astilbes includes early, mid and late summer blooming cultivars and a wealth of colours and sizes.

Astilbe plants may look delicate, but they are quite hardy. This lovely perennial grows most easily from young plants and divisions in zones 4 through 8. Plant your starts in spring or fall when the weather is cool enough to support the rapid growth of small astilbe plants. They can grow in full shade or partial sun as long as they have moist, well drained soil. While it is important to keep the plant under some shade, keep in mind that deep shade will hamper profuse flowering. This plant requires deep watering, especially during the summer. Otherwise, there is very little maintenance required. It needs no staking or deadheading and is resistant to deer, insects and diseases.

Native to North America and Asia, astilbe is a versatile flowering plant suitable for many different types of gardens. Perfectly suited for native and woodland plantings and cottage gardens, it brightens up shady areas with its soft, feathery flowers and attracts a kaleidoscope of butterflies to your yard. Astilbe is well-suited for water gardens and makes a colourful hedge around a garden pond. It also serves beautifully to fill in areas around shrubs and under trees. Some varieties offer a delightful fragrance as well as colourful blooms. As container plants, these make a lovely accent on a porch or patio. Choose a few varieties from our outstanding selection to brighten your shaded spaces.