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  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Canna Mixture
    Canna Mixture
    5 for $29.99 5 for $59.99
    Treat yourself to an island getaway… right in your very own garden! Our exclusive canna blend includes bright ... more
    • Light

      Sun to Part Shade
    • Size

      #1 Rhizome
    • Zone

      3 to 10 (Lift in Fall if you live in Zones 3 to 7)
    • Bloom Time

      Summer to Frost
    • Height

    • Soil Requirement

      Well drained
  • Louis Cotton Dwarf Canna
    Louis Cotton Dwarf Canna
    2 for $15.99 2 for $23.99
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  • Cleopatra Dwarf Canna
    Cleopatra Dwarf Canna
    2 for $15.99 2 for $23.99
    Out of Stock
  • Angelique Dwarf Canna
    Angelique Dwarf Canna
    2 for $7.99 2 for $9.99
    Out of Stock
  • Taroudant Dwarf Canna
    Taroudant Dwarf Canna
    2 for $7.99 2 for $9.99
    Out of Stock
  • Verdi Dwarf Canna
    Verdi Dwarf Canna
    2 for $7.99 2 for $9.99
    Out of Stock

Cannas feature showy leaves as well as eye-catching flowers! Cannas can be used on the patio, in a border, or planted in large clumps. These tall-growing beauties are sure to please.

Create your own tropical paradise with Cannas. These gorgeous plants are striking from root to tip. Large, lush leaves create a beautiful base for bright and bold summer blooms. The foliage varies by type, each showing vibrant, colourful streaking in shades of purple, bronze, red or yellow on green. Tall, sturdy stems produce bountiful stacked blossoms in a rainbow of shades. The vivid blooms may be solid, speckled or bi-colour. Cannas come in a range of sizes; dwarf cannas are no more than three feet tall, while standard varieties can tower as high as six feet. All canna flowers make impressive additions to floral arrangements.

Cannas are winter hardy in zones 7 to 10, but perform well in zones 3 to 7 if lifted in the fall. When planting cannas, keep in mind that they grow best in moist, fertile soil. Planting depth and spacing will vary by type, but all canna plants prefer full sun. In cooler climates, you may wish to start them indoors and transplant them in late spring, around the time you'd plant tomato starts. As long as they have a good supply of water, perennial canna plants will grow without much pampering. Depending on the variety, blooming may last from late spring through early fall.

Cannas look glorious when planted en masse, creating a riot of bright, tropical colours when in full bloom. Create a jungle in your yard by pairing them with vining perennials, elephant ears and hibiscus. Combine tall canna varieties with dwarf canna cultivars in beds and along back borders. The variations in height make for stunning layering, and the lush, long-lasting foliage can hide the spent stalks of spring bloomers. Dwarf cannas also make wonderful compact container plants to add flair to your patio. Make your landscape a tropical getaway with beautiful, low maintenance cannas.