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Pollen Free Lilies

Our fabulous pollen free lilies are a sensory delight, a stunning presence in the garden and a wish fulfilled for lily lovers who're constantly worried about pollen stains, allergies and their pets' wellbeing. You'll find some of the most easy to care popular and new lily varieties in our lineup. Shop our pollen free lily bulbs for sale today.

Pollen Free Lilies—Everything You Love...Nothing You Don't

Featuring twice the petals of standard oriental lilies, pollen-free double lilies will be a welcome sight (and scent) nearly anywhere. They add elegance to cut arrangements and elevate summer borders with their statement-making pastel blooms. Allergy sufferers agree that the exceptional qualities of these remarkable lilies are nothing to sneeze at:
• Pollen-free—no sneezes and no stains.
• Large bulbs produce 3 to 6 flowers each.
• Big, fully double blooms.
• Flowers have a strong, sweet scent.

A Brief History of Roselilies

Roselilies have their beginnings at a Dutch company now called de Looff Lily Innovation BV. The business, founded by Cornelis de Looff, started in the fruit trade and later turned its focus to flower production. His sons—Tonny, Martin and Johan de Looff—became interested in developing new varieties of lilies and, in 1993, created a breeding program. Within a few years, they were surprised to find an Oriental lily of theirs had spontaneously mutated. Its multilayered petals gave this double-flowering lily the look of a rose, so it was dubbed the roselily.

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