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Single Tulips

Tulip Singles Collection for Sale from Breck's

There are two types of single tulips: single early tulips and single late tulips. Although their names are rather self-explanatory, it's good to have a clear understanding about some of the differences between these beautiful spring bloomers. Early tulips open weeks before their taller siblings and are excellent at standing up to unfavorable early spring weather conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds.

Very striking in mass plantings, celebrate the joy of spring with a swath of colourful single tulips near the entry of your home. Late tulips, which bloom in late spring, are taller and include many bicolored varieties. Plant them with other flowering bulbs for a delightful garden display! Their tall sturdy stems and striking hues make them great flowers for cutting.

When Do Early Tulips Bloom?

Early tulips, including Fosteriana and Emporer tulips, bloom in March in most zones. However, in very cold zones, you may not see your tulips bloom until the end of March or early April. In tropical zones, you'll likely need to force your tulips by cooling them before re-planting them for the year. In most of the U.S., that means that early-blooming tulips will bloom before the final frost date, so consider using coverings over your tulips at night if frost is in the forecast!

When Do Late Tulips Bloom?

Late tulips are nearly summertime flowers, blooming in May or June in most of the United States. Parrot tulips and other "fancy"-formed tulips are often considered the stars of the late-flowering tulip showm but single late tulips are delightful in their own right. Look for bright colors and strong, sturdy stems. Plus, late-flowering tulips typically bloom after the threat of frost has passed.

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