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Tiger Lilies

Very Hardy, Very Beautiful
Old-fashioned tiger lilies are remarkable perennials revered for their exotic beauty, hardiness and long flowering periods. Their large, bell-shaped, recurved flowers have wide petals sprinkled with attractive black dots. These plants, which are native to the Far East, are summer-flowering bulbs that grow during spring and summer and are dormant in fall and winter. Be aware that tiger lilies are very toxic to cats, so keep this in mind when choosing where to grow them.

Do tiger lilies return every year?
Yes. Expect them to produce 6-10 blooms per stem in their first year and then a steadily increasing number of flowers, reaching 20 or even more, in subsequent years.

Do tiger lilies spread?
Absolutely. In fact, they are among the best-naturalizing flowers available to gardeners, because they multiply freely and require little care. They are a great choice for growing in sunny or partially shaded beds and borders, performing best in well-drained soil that receives sufficient moisture. Gardeners tend to divide and separate the bulbs while they are dormant, to prevent overcrowding.

When should tiger lilies be planted?
Plant them in spring, first preparing the soil by tilling it, which will help with drainage. Dig holes at least 6"deep and about 8"apart from each other. Place a bulb in each hole, making sure its point faces upward, and cover with soil. Pat down soil and water bulbs ales on the bulb. Pat the soil down over the newly planted bulb. Water the bulbs thoroughly, then place a few inches of mulch on the area. By midsummer, when many other flowers have faded, you will be entranced by the large, colourful blooms as they soar atop strong stems and over attractive, fountainlike foliage.

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