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Fringed Tulips

Why Choose Fringed Tulips from Brecks?

These tulips, known for their frayed-edge petals resembling a frosty windowpane, add elegance wherever they are used. It's no wonder these fancy flowers continue to increase in popularity among the gardeners who grow them and the florists who cut them for arrangements. This is still a relatively new tulip category, so don't be surprised if your friends, neighbors or others passing by your garden are astonished when they see tulips with fringed petals whose colour sometimes contrasts with that of the rest of the bloom. More compact varieties are excellent for container gardening or forcing, while all types excel at adding later-season colour interest to the landscape.

Where are Fringed Tulips From?

Tulips originate from the Ottoman Empire and, more specifically, Kazakhstan before it was overrun in the 16th century. It was here that Tulips were found in the mountains and quickly found popularity for their beauty. For more information, visit our tulips page or shop more fringed tulips.

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