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Fringed Tulip Bulbs

Discover the mesmerizing allure of fringed tulips--nature's delicate masterpiece. Elevate your garden or floral arrangements with these fall bulbs, renowned for their exquisitely edged petals and timeless elegance.

Why Choose Fringed Tulips from Brecks?

Our fringed tulips, known for their frayed-edge petals resembling a frosty windowpane, add elegance wherever they are used. It's no wonder these fancy flowers continue to increase in popularity among the gardeners who grow them and the florists who cut them for arrangements.

Where are Fringed Tulips From?

Tulips originate from the Ottoman Empire and, more specifically, Kazakhstan before it was overrun in the 16th century. It was here that tulips were found in the mountains and quickly found popularity for their beauty. Today, fringed tulips continue to be cherished for their delicate, finely-edged petals that lend an elegant touch to any garden or floral arrangement. Their origins in the enchanting landscapes of the past have evolved into a timeless symbol of natural grace and sophistication. By bringing the splendor of fringed tulips into your own space, you can not only embrace a touch of history but also add a touch of timeless charm to your surroundings. For more information, visit our tulips care page.

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