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Floribunda Roses

Our Floribunda roses for sale are known for their beautiful clusters of flowers and unique blooms that last the entire growing season. Each Floribunda rose is a hybrid of tea and polyantha roses and features a variety of vibrant colours and sweet fragrances. Check out our selection of roses for more!

Breck's Floribunda Roses for Sale

Floribunda roses are some of the hardest-working plants in the garden, providing non-stop colour from late spring through frost. They were developed by crossbreeding hybrid tea roses with polyantha roses. Floribundas offer the spectacular sprays of blooms of the polyantha roses and the classic flower forms and full-colour spectrum of hybrid tea roses. Characteristic flower clusters are often big enough to provide a gorgeous bouquet with just one cut!

Why are Floribunda Roses Unique?

Floribunda roses adapt well to any landscape design. They provide a long season of colour and can bridge the gap that comes between spring-flowering bulbs and summer perennials. Bushy plants are usually shorter in stature, so they are perfect for lower borders or privacy screens. Feature them among perennials for a delightful cottage garden effect. Grow them in containers for movable colour on porches, patios, decks and balconies.

How Big Do Floribunda Roses Get?

Floribunda roses typically reach between 5-6 feet once fully grown. This makes them ideal for tall hedges.

How Do You Prune Floribunda Roses?

Start by pruning Floribunda roses at the end of Winter or early Spring. Remove any dead, broken, or diseased canes and cut back on any excessive canes. Make sure to thin out any branches that are blocking any needed light. Lastly, remove any spent buds or flowers to encourage growth and new blooms.

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