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  • Living Legacy Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    6 for Price$54.99 Old Price 6 for $125.94
  • Daisy Aster Collection
    10 for Price$29.99 Old Price 10 for $59.95
  • Hardy Fern Collection
    5 for Price$19.99 Old Price 5 for $45.95
  • Superba Low-Growing Begonia Collection
    12 for Price$29.99 Old Price 12 for $75.96
  • Classic Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
    10 for Price$29.99 Old Price 10 for $79.95
  • Deluxe Astilbe Collection
    8 for Price$24.99 Old Price 8 for $79.92
  • Hanging Basket Begonia Collection
    10 for Price$29.99 Old Price 10 for $99.90
  • Fragrant Rose Garden Collections-3 Plants
    3 for Price$54.99 Old Price 3 for $89.97
  • Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
    3 for Price$24.99 Old Price 3 for $35.99
  • Mini Mouse Hosta Collection
    $8.99 to $34.99 $19.99 to $79.99
  • Everydaylily® Collection
    $11.99 to $24.99 $23.99 to $59.99
  • Lifetime Peony Collection
    5 for Price$29.99 Old Price 5 for $71.95
    Notify when Available
  • Wow!® Perennial Tulip Collection
    51 for Price$39.99 Old Price 51 for $84.95
    Notify when Available
  • Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection
    35 for Price$29.99 Old Price 35 for $77.94
    Notify when Available
  • Giant Hyacinth Collection
    20 for Price$34.99 Old Price 20 for $69.99
    Notify when Available
  • Forever Spring Tulip Collection
    24 for Price$19.99 Old Price 24 for $38.97
    Notify when Available
  • Pink Daffodil Collection
    30 for Price$29.99 Old Price 30 for $64.95
    Notify when Available
  • Giant Dutch Crocus Collection
    100 for Price$49.99 Old Price 100 for $99.99
    Notify when Available
  • Amazing Naturalizing Daffodil Collection
    60 for Price$69.99 Old Price 60 for $119.99
    Notify when Available
  • Jewel Hyacinth Collection
    25 for Price$29.99 Old Price 25 for $59.95
    Notify when Available
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Our bulb collections are the simplest, fastest way of adding stunning, perfectly-coordinated colors, textures and aromas to your garden! These ready-made bulb gardens come in varied styles – from bold, brilliant hues good for making an impact to endearing pastels for cottage gardens – we have a collection to suit every style of garden! Keep both the flowering time and the desired effect when you're picking a collection. Tulips, hyacinths and crocus, early spring bloomers, for instance, are perfect for borders, containers and cottage gardens. All the bulbs featured in our collections are the highest quality, easy to care and require minimal upkeep – certain to please both new and seasoned bulb gardeners.

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