ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

A tropical-looking plant for almost any room.

This tough, carefree plant is an excellent air purifier and features glossy, deep green foliage.This low-maintenance houseplant naturally possesses a high "wow" factor! Zamioculcas zamiifolia is more commonly called the ZZ Plant for obvious reasons. Although its scientific name can be hard to pronounce, its verdant, exotic beauty is simple and pure. It grows 3-5' and features lush, dark green leaves with a waxy sheen. The ZZ plant is native to drought-prone eastern Africa and tolerates a wide range of growing conditions such as low light, low humidity and lack of water. It's perfect for someone without the time to care for a needy plant. Put this versatile plant almost anywhere in any room at home or at the office. There's no need for it to be near a window or skylight. It requires watering only every three weeks or so during most of the year, and about once a month during winter. Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ Plant In Nursery Pot

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ZZ Plant In Decorative Grey Pot

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ZZ Plant In Decorative Green Pot

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ZZ Plant In Decorative Burnt Orange Pot

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ZZ Plant In Decorative White Pot

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