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Orchid flowers come in an enormous number of varieties and our Dutch growers always offer a beautiful selection. Because these flowers adapt to so many natural environments, they offer some of the most complex and impressive flower forms in existence. When you see an orchid, the unusual petals may draw your attention immediately. Each plant offers a unique personality, and many produce complex fragrances that lure you into your garden.

Orchids make wonderful additions to simple containers, as their flowers often offer some of the most intricate growth patterns available. Orchid bulbs also grow well in partially shaded areas in the garden. Ensure that they receive enough sun to grow, but not so much that they soak up the entire day's heat. We recommend centering orchids within a space all their own, as their unique blooms can be pretty commanding. Depending on the variety you choose, you may also wish to plant a bed of these flowers with other partial shade plants.

Orchid bulbs offer some of the most impressive blooms you'll lay eyes on and they come in many varieties. From delicate varietals that display their blooms infrequently to those that thrive almost anywhere, your taste in orchid flowers will reflect your personal style. Choose a planting location that enhances your space, and grow yours in a place where you can comfortably appreciate their complex beauty.

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