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Hedges and Shrubs for Sale at Breck's

For over 200 years, Breck's has been the largest U.S. importer of Dutch plant bulbs. Every season we produce the biggest, best bulbs from the fertile fields of Holland to gardeners all over. Breck's has been a long-standing partner to many gardening enthusiasts for generations, and our tradition of supplying planters with the healthiest, most top-performing hedges is still going strong.

Ready to achieve your hedge goals in a hurry? Our Ready, Set, Hedge® selections have a healthy head start! Each shrub plant is nurtured in ideal soil conditions up until harvest time—for better roots and guaranteed hedge success.

Getting Started With Hedges

To get started, it's important to choose a hedge variety appropriate for your climate. Those further north will want to look for cold-hardy hedges, and those in hotter, dryer conditions will want to find plants that can tolerate heat and possible drought. Once you've decided on the hedge variety that's right for you, it's time to plant.

When to Plant Hedges

Hedges grow best when planted in cooler months. Opt to plant them when temperatures are cool but far from freezing. The cooler air and soil temperatures will reduce the amount of stress put on the plant, allowing roots to take better hold and become stronger.

How to Plant Hedges

If your soil is poor, prep it ahead of planting by mixing in compost to add nutrients to the soil and help with water retention and drainage.

Next, check the maximum width your variety of hedge grows to and find a location where you have the space to fit the number of plants you have. Mark the width with flags or another material so you know things have been properly spaced.

Plant your hedge in a trench 12 inches deep and 20 inches wide, or as noted according to your hedge variety. Cover the roots with soil, but be careful not to pat the soil down so tightly the roots cannot breathe.

Once planted, water the hedge well and surround the base with mulch to protect the roots and retain water. Fertilize the hedges with a slow-release fertilizer to help them take off.

Trimming Hedges

It's critical to not prune these plants when the weather is too cold or too hot. It's best to trim hedges when they're dormant, which is fall to early spring. Prune them before freezing temperatures hit, and be sure not to prune during hot, dry weather. To avoid leaf burn, choose a cool, overcast day.

Hedges can be trimmed with electric or hand-held pruners. The tool you use should be sharp to avoid unnecessary stress to the plant. Eyeball the size and shape you want your hedge to be, and carefully trim off the tips. Cut the top portion a little shorter than the bottom to allow sunlight to reach the base of the hedge.

Our Ready, Set, Hedge® plants are grown in the rich, healthy soil of Holland, Michigan

For decades growers have boasted over Michigan soil, and for good reason. The rare, nutrient rich sandy loam just inland from Lake Michigan, produces some of the best performing trees and shrubs you can find.

Michigan Holland

More reasons to try Ready, Set, Hedge®

Plant Sizes

Planting sizes up to 4 ft. tall.

We have plant sizes to fit every landscape's need and every budget. Our largest sizes arrive with years of growth already behind them—perfect for creating instant privacy, beauty or property boundaries.

Money Saving

Money-saving multi-packs.

When planning a proper hedge, consider the space you want to fill and the spread of your chosen shrub variety. Usually, multiple plants are required. We created our 3-, 5- and 10-plant bundles with this in mind—the more you buy, the more you save.

Brecks Shipping

Shipped right to your door.

No need to borrow a truck or put down a tarp in the back of your SUV. No spilled dirt when the pots in the back inevitably tip over on the ride home. Our healthy shrubs ship right to your door at the perfect time for planting in your area.

Lifetime Guarantee

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