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Shrub rose is not an official class of rose, but rather a way of grouping varieties that don't seem to "fit" anywhere else. Many modern shrub roses are also grown on their own roots, making them much hardier than grafted roses. They are better able to withstand harsh winter temperatures, and can even come back from the roots after the top has completely died back.

Easy-going shrub roses are a vibrant addition to any garden. These plants bloom again and again, painting your garden with intense colours and fragrances. Blossoms vary in size and shape too: the simple elegance of the hardy shrub rose contrasts beautifully with old-fashioned double varieties. Blossom colours glow against a backdrop of lush green foliage, and the air is filled with the delicate and varied aromas these flowers produce.

We have many varieties of perennial shrub roses for sale; you're sure to find one that matches your garden's conditions. These plants thrive in hardiness zones 3 to 10 and tolerate clay, loamy or sandy soil. Most varieties do well in half to full sun. Shrub roses have varied growth habits, but all require a bit of room. Most grow to 4 to 5 feet tall and have a proportional spread. Check individual varieties carefully to find a good match for your growing conditions and available space.

Shrub roses are disease resistant, and require little effort on the gardener's part. Prune to maintain shape, to encourage branching, and to remove dead branches. Most varieties require no blossom maintenance; new buds form without pruning. Some of these hardy bloomers produce flowers from late spring to mid fall.

Fill your garden with masses of colour by planting several of these hardy plants in a group, or use one as a specimen in a smaller bed. In larger beds, mix several varieties and create a brilliant multi-colour backdrop for your summer annuals. The shrub rose's dense foliage, stout stems, good height and vigorous growth make it a good choice for a privacy screen or informal hedge. Create pools of colour along walkways or patios by planting these hardy plants in large containers. Find a home in your garden for a few of these lovely, adaptable plants.

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