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Garden Miniatures

Miniature roses come in a variety of bright colours that stand out against vigorous green foliage. These cheerful plants are small enough to find a home in any garden, and they bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. Their compact form matches well with taller rose varieties, beds of annuals, or summer bulbs, adding delicate scents and bright colours to any garden.

Tiny, perfect replicas of Hybrid Tea roses, these diminutive blooms are carried on sturdy shrubs up to three feet high. Miniature roses have been around for a long time, but the old types would bloom only once each season. Modern hybridizing efforts have produced miniature rose varieties that bloom continuously all summer long. Miniature roses are versatile in the garden. Create a colourful low hedge, use them in the front of the perennial border, or line a walkway with their fragrant beauty. Miniature roses are especially suited to container planting. Dress up decks with pots of non-stop colour, or combine them with other summer bloomers for delightful mixed arrangements.

Miniature roses are fairly compact plants, 12 to 20 inches tall with a 12- to 18-inch spread. They are an excellent choice for container planting. Put a few on decks and tables for up-close viewing, or scatter them along a walkway and create a dramatic and colourful entry. Use them as border plants and trim your beds in all-season colour. Place a group of miniature roses in front of taller grandiflora or shrub roses and create a dramatic cascade of intense blossoms. The small size of these plants make them a great choice for mixed beds. Other flowers may come and go, but miniature roses will continue to bloom from mid spring to first frost. Their prolific blossoms also work well in mixed arrangements. Add these versatile beauties to your garden and enjoy their bright blooms throughout the growing season.

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