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Other Lilies

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  • Red Lily Blend
    10 for Price$18.18 Old Price 10 for $69.99
  • Madonna Lily
    Price$13.99 Old Price $28.99
  • Fusion® Lily
    3 for Price$15.99 Old Price 3 for $35.99
  • All Season Lily Mixture
    10 for Price$25.99 Old Price 10 for $79.99
  • Pink Flight Lily
    3 for Price$12.99 Old Price 3 for $26.99
  • Black Beauty Lily
    3 for Price$9.99 Old Price 3 for $24.99
  • Guinea Gold Lily
    3 for Price$15.99 Old Price 3 for $34.99
  • Turk's Cap Lily Collection
    8 for Price$29.99 Old Price 8 for $53.28
  • Claude Shride Turk's Cap Lily
    3 for Price$14.99 Old Price 3 for $28.99
  • Sky High Lily Tree® Collection
    18 for Price$64.99 Old Price 18 for $159.99
  • Lilium Henryi
    3 for Price$11.99 Old Price 3 for $24.99
  • Golden Splendour
    3 for Price$12.99 Old Price 3 for $28.99
  • Lily Tree® Mixture
    $15.99 to $24.99 $38.99 to $63.99
  • Apricot Fudge Lily
    $3.99 to $14.99 $26.99 to $32.99
  • Must See Lily
    $11.99 to $26.99 $26.99 to $26.99
  • Fireworks Lily Mixture
    $22.99 to $44.99 $65.99 to $149.99
  • Red Morning Lily Tree®
    3 for Price$8.90 Old Price 3 for $28.99
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  • Summer Trumpets
    8 for Price$13.99
    Notify when Available
  • Grand Paradiso Lily
    3 for Price$14.99
    Notify when Available
  • Japanese Spider Lily
    3 for Price$16.99
    Notify when Available
  • Pink Flight Tiger Lily
    2 for Price$14.99
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  • Nepalense Lily
    Price$25.99 Old Price $39.99
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Looking for a unique lily plant for your garden? Try our lily tree plants and other unique lilies! Lilies are a favored spring bulb due to the many colours and types available for planting. Lily flowers are not a one size or one colour fits all affair. With so many varieties to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your environment. For example, tiger lilies have large pink petals with red veins and dark red specks. These lilies give off a fragrant oriental scent that will make both your yard and home smell sweet. Tiger lilies grow to be around 3 feet tall, thus making these lily flowers a great plant for the back of a garden or flower bed. Lily trees add a new dimension to your lily garden - these trumpet lilies can grow up to eight feet tall and offer many blooms throughout the season.

Different lily bulbs will bloom at different times. In order to make your landscape bloom all season, be sure to get a few varieties and plant them in various areas of your space. In general, lilies thrive in full sun to partial shade and need a well-drained, clay, loamy or sandy soil. Overall, once planted, lilies tend to be hearty, maintenance-free flowers. Well-maintained plants will return from year to year. Lily flowers give the gardener the best of both worlds, a beautiful, fragrant, low-maintenance flower that will return each year, providing not just great coverage but colour.

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