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Container gardening is a fun and easy way to add colour and beauty where you need it most. Accent an entryway with a pair of potted hostas, perk up your patio with fragrant lily-of-the-valley, or take your garden to new heights with sun-loving dahlias up on the deck.

Create a portable garden masterpiece by filling containers with healthy, hardy Planter Friendly Plants. There are a number of advantages to container gardening, including portability and a reduced chance of interference by pests. Especially well suited to life in pots, planters and other containers, these beautiful plants, flowering and otherwise, move from house to deck to yard and back again, bringing life and colour everywhere they go.

Choosing the best soil and the right containers for your planter friendly plants is as important as choosing the plants themselves. Regular garden soil is generally too dense for use in containers and a porous, loose planting mix is recommended. Plant-specific potting soils are available for certain plants, such as roses and African violets. The most important component of a good container is that it provides adequate drainage, but it's also important that your planters are large enough to accommodate their plants once they've matured. They should also be appropriate to the plants' growth habits. Bright begonias, geraniums and columbines look lovely spilling over the sides of hanging containers, while dahlias, daisies and other plants with more upright growth tendencies are best placed at eye level or below. We carry a fine selection of containers suitable to a wide variety of planter friendly plants.

With so many different types of containers and plants to choose from, your options are wide open. Create a small succulent garden in a kitchen window box or a patio feature with hostas, lilies-of-the-valley or other planter friendly plants. You may choose to place potted plants and flowers here and there amongst perennials in your garden. Create a fun, fluid, changeable landscape with planter friendly plants.

To make container gardening even simpler, we put all our plants fit for pots in one convenient spot! Check out our planter friendly options here, or look for our planter friendly logo on plants throughout our site.