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White Peonies

Peonies are a beloved flower for spring gardens. Once established, they can last for centuries. White peonies are a great choice to add to your peony garden. Shop for white peony flowers today.

White Peonies for Sale from Breck's

What is it about peonies? These fluffy, floaty plants bring a certain something to the springtime garden that just can't be replicated. Peonies are sun-loving perennials, beloved for their sweet scent and unmistakable form. An outrageously beautiful flower from bud to bloom, the peony comes to the United States from a number of Eastern climates, mostly bred from varieties with roots in China, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe. Throughout decades of careful breeding, hardy peonies created for American gardens have become a springtime mainstay, highlighted in weddings, table displays, and romantic gardens from coast to coast.

But white peonies certainly hold a specific space in the hearts and minds of gardeners everywhere. The combination of frilled, tulle-like petals with whites and cream tones makes white peonies extra romantic. White peonies are surprisingly easy to grow-explore our favorite white peony varieties here.

White Peonies Available from Breck's

White peonies are a bit less common than pink varieties, and your best option for securing the right white peonies for your garden comes from online retailers like Breck's. Peonies are typically shipped as bareroots, and can be safely transplanted over long distances, so why limit yourself to the few varieties you can find at the big box stores? Among our favorite white peonies this season:

  • Renkaku Tree Peony
  • Moon Over Barrington Peony
  • Festiva Maxima White Peony
  • Bowl of Cream Peony
  • Blush Queen Peony
  • Class Act Peony
  • When Are White Peonies in Season?

    White Peonies bloom in the late spring and early summer. Depending upon your hardiness zone, peonies may begin blooming in April, May or June. Peony plants might have a short season, but their beauty and fragrance make planting them well worth it.

    Peonies are typically planted in springtime, so that they'll enjoy a nice year of blooming before the frost hits. Most peonies are hardy in Zones through 8.

    Types of White Peonies

    Just as with all peonies white peonies can be divided into three major families: herbaceous, tree peonies, and Itoh, or intersectional, peonies.

    Tree peonies grow in a shrublike habit, featuring some of the largest flowers and fastest growth. Tree peonies can reach up to seven feet in height under the right conditions. Herbaceous peonies usually grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet and a spread of 2 to 4 feet, and are generally lower maintenance. Itoh peonies are hybrids, blending the easy-growing, perennial habit of herbaceous peonies with the larger flowers and taller heights of tree peonies.

    White tree peonies include such favorites as Renkaku Tree Peony. Cora Louise is an example of a white Itoh peony with a colorful center eye. And Paeonia lactiflora, or herbaceous peonies, include such wonderful compact plants as Blush Queen Peony or Duchesse De Nemours. We may think of Itohs as being the best of both worlds, but, in reality, there's a perfect application for each type of peony-and, they're all quite easy to grow. For more information about growing white peonies, check our our How-To Tips here.

    What Do White Peonies Symbolize?

    White Peonies are symbolic for their enduring beauty and tonal bashfulness. They are often used for apologizing to someone, as their looks make it hard to hold resentment. However, white peonies are most frequently used to symbolize purity and peace. They are often compared to garden roses, as their ruffled shape is quite similar.

    They're a favorite for weddings and other formal affairs, but can look quite at home in informal bouquets-it's all about how you arrange your peonies, and how you mix and match these elegant flowers.

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