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Caladium, also known as elephant ears, are planted for their broad, heart shaped and colourful leaves. You will find a variety of caladium bulbs for sale here, and when planted in groups, the foliage can look like colorful blooms. A versatile plant, caladium thrive in shady areas and are happy both indoor or outdoors. Give your landscape a tropical appearance by planting masses of elephant ears or enjoy them all year long as houseplants for a pop of colour in a room. Enjoy these colourful broad-leafed plants in a variety of garden areas.

Elephant ears come in a wide range of colour variations, including shades of white, pink, red and purple, edged and filled with varying hues of green. There are a number of different types, such as spotted or variegated cultivars and the unique gingerbread caladium. Different varieties look their best at different times, and staggering an assortment of these vibrant foliage plants will create an eye catching colour display throughout the summer months.

Elephant Ears are fast growing plants and do best in clay or loamy, well-drained soil. Caladium bulbs thrive in warm, humid shady areas, typically in zones 3 through 10. Most varieties will grow to be about 18 inches tall. In most zones, elephant ears are perennials, but in cooler climates, caladium can be considered annual plants unless removed from the soil before the first frost.

Caladium plants thrive in full or partial shade, making them a wonderful addition to any shade garden or woodland setting. The tropical appearance of the heart shaped leaves and the range of colours available make planting caladium bulbs a great idea for those hard-to-fill shady areas around your landscape. These low maintenance plants will grow quickly and fill in a bare garden space in just a few weeks. Create your own tropical paradise with beautiful caladiums.