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Winter Flowering bulbs
Amaryllis If you choose your plants and bulbs carefully, you can have colour in any season—even in the midst of winter when you can enjoy the beauty of bulbs indoors with Amaryllis, Paperwhites. These bulbs can be "forced" to bloom indoors at any time of year! We have many Amaryllis to choose from during the holidays on

In general, spring-flowering bulbs require a period of chilling, whether in the ground or in a refrigerator. If you'd like to try planting spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, crocus, hyacinth or daffodils indoors, you'll need to store these bulbs in a cold location for fourteen to twenty weeks (depending on the variety of bulb) before planting. Then, pop them into containers that will allow room for growth. Once planted, each of these normally, spring-flowering bulbs will bloom in three to four weeks—no matter the temperature outdoors!

Once you remove your bulbs from chilled storage and plant them, you'll want to wake them up slowly. Give the pots about two weeks with indirect sunlight, preferably in a location with slightly cooler temperatures. Wait until the plants are three or four inches tall, then move the containers to a sunny window. Once they've bloomed, you can move the plants back out of the direct sun to prolong their flowering.

Amaryllis and paperwhites are two notable exceptions to the chilling rules. These beautiful plants will bloom without a chilling period at all. You need only to plant these beautiful bulbs, place them in a sunny location, and wait a few weeks!

The Most Popular Winter Blooming Bulbs

Amaryllis are thought to be the quintessential Christmas bulb, and paperwhite narcissus have long been a favorite for indoor blooming. However, many types of flower bulbs can be forced indoors! Tulips, crocuses, and even springtime bulbs like daffodils can be a success with a little careful planning.


These bright and beautiful flowers are used around the world for holiday decor. To plant amaryllis for Christmas blooms, get them going a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving!


Paperwhite narcissus bloom three to five weeks after planting. These beauties, a relative of the daffodil family, paperwhites sprout bunches of white blooms from slim stalks.


Just can't wait for springtime? Tulips can be forced indoors for an early spring display. They need to be chilled for a few months beforehand, but bloom in two to three weeks.


Already early sprouters, crocus will bloom indoors just a couple of weeks after planting.


A popular and fragrant flower for Mother's Day, hyacinths can be forced indoors. They require at least fifteen weeks in cold storage.

How to Care for Winter Flowering Bulbs

Water your potted bulbs throughout their growing season, and add a little fertilizer if you plant to store your bulbs for the next year. Most gardeners toss potted bulbs after their blooming season, but you can save your plants to re-pot or even plant outdoors. Keep watering your plants and fertilizing, and, once the foliage dies back, remove the bulbs and pop them into the ground or into storage for next year.

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